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Our Story

Royal Tila farms brings the best of the Florida to your table since 2008. We are the first Aquaponics operation in Charlotte county, and operate in a state-of-the-art facility that showcases the best of modern and futuristic farming techniques.


Royal Tila is intent on satisfying our clients, we want to earn their respect and business for life. To achieve this we understand that we must be a dynamic, Proactive and Loyal partner, and continually strive to anticipate the needs of our customers in the local and global markets.


Royal Tila farms wants to be known for reliability In supplying top-grade, fresh products that are sustainable and eco-friendly.


Produce the freshest Tilapia and other sustainably farmed species, Produce and Microgreens, using eco-friendly practices and ensuring the freshest and most savory flavors of Florida arrive on your table as quickly as possible.

With advanced and eco-friendly growing techniques like hydroponics and aquaponics, Royal Tila has become the leader in sustainable farming in Florida, and has an incredible and knowledgeable staff that ensures compliance with all govt standards, as well as exceeding our own stringent quality norms.

Although we continually work to achieve the best product possible, we understand that people are most important asset, and we strive to create an environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect in order to ensure the best operational culture possible which in turn provides world class products.

Some Advantages of Buying from us:

Premium Quality
– Freshness
– Grown in the U.S.
– Sustainable Production.
– Aquaponics and hydroponics Technology.
– Consistent and reliable production

Visit us

Visits are available by appointment ONLY (Please Call 786-537-5234) Ask for Francis.
Our Farm is Located at: 32151 Oil Well Rd. Punta Gorda Fl, 33955

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We can grow microgreens and microherbs on demand. Let us serve your restaurant / distribution chain efficiently. Send us an email for more information!
We are now selling Dragonfruit and Dragonfruit plant cuttings. Send us and email for more information.