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Liquid Compost


Optimized Soil Treatment

Our specially formulated organic soil liquid compost treatment contains a proprietary blend of naturally occurring microorganisms that revitalize and optimize soil treated with harsh chemical fertilizers. Most of the damage caused by the use of chemical fertilizers can be attributed to the large buildup of salts and other compounds that deplete the soil of the vital nutrients and microorganisms which naturally balance the soil and help plants grow large and healthy.

How do the chemicals affect the soil?

The chemicals used in farming and households today cause the soil to become depleted of vital microbes that process the organic and inorganic materials to produce a stable ph and also saturate the soil with insoluble salts, which in turn causes large, unusable areas of previously fertile soil, to essentially become dead-zones. When water mixes with the chemical treated soil it washes away parts of the insoluble salts, which can then affect areas beyond those treated by the chemicals.

Using chemicals to treat crops used to render land unusable, until now.

What does our product do?

Our special formula contains all of the ingredients necessary to treat and revitalize chemical treated soil.
• It is rich in microorganisms that process inorganic salts into plant-friendly nutrient necessary for basic plant nutrition, and also microorganisms that can break down harmful toxins in the soil.
• Will contribute to the de-nitrification process helping plants use the beneficial compounds.
• Our product can be used to break down the following either in the soil or irrigation water into harmless components such as water, CO2 or lipids:

Royal Tila’s Liquid Compost will improve:

  • Plant Health: Provides long term results that optimize plant health, color and taste.
  • Soil Health: Can revitalize soil and make it a fertile, productive growing medium that ensures deeper rooting
  • Microbial Activity: Promotes the growth of microorganisms which in turn optimizes the soil and plant life.

Our product helps soil recover in a natural and organic way!

How to use our product:

For best results use straight out of the bottle and drench applied area with water after applying Liquid Compost. Our product is strong. By applying water you will ensure proper distribution and accelerate root absorption. You could also dilute 1/4 cup of Liquid Compost per Gallon of water. Results will be evident after just a few applications.

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Liquid Compost
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