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WONDER THRIVE is a unique concentrated supplement for your plants. Developed in the 1960’s by a master orchid grower in South America, this special formula has won hundreds of awards at exhibitions around the world. Our proprietary formulation contains over 56 stimulating ingredients including vitamins, hormones, amino acids and plant extracts as well as minerals, that promote accelerated plant growth.It’s important to note that WONDER THRIVE is not a fertilizer or plant food. WONDER THRIVE is designed as an add-on to your normal watering and feeding efforts, and will achieve incredible results in your garden.WONDER THRIVE is perfect for transplanting, reviving and strengthening. Suitable for almost all types of plants.

Overview and General Instructions:

  • Plant Growth Stimulator
  • Perfect for almost ALL Types of Plants
  • State of the Art Formulation
  • Apply to well irrigated soil or medium
  • Can be applied with or without fertilizer
  • Use mixed solution within 48 hours
  • Allow plants to stand for the next 24 hours to allow wonder thrive absorption.
  • Observe how plants respond to WONDER THRIVE over the next month.

For dilution information please visit the “instructions” page on our dedicated webiste WWW.WONDERTHRIVE.COM.

Wonder Thrive

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